Welcome to the website of Cloetta UK, home to Candyking, Chewits and The Jelly Bean Factory! Created through the purchase of Candyking by Cloetta AB in 2017, we are a fast-growing business selling our own well-known brands to retailers and consumers the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

Our Products

Candyking logo


Candyking is the UK’s number 1 Pick & Mix Confectionery concept. We service over 2,500 stores with a fixture, stock and a regular merchandising visit- delivering a sweet experience to millions of consumers every year! With product sourced from our own factory network and selected third party manufacturers, we scour the world to bring our consumers new tastes, textures and flavours to put a smile on their faces! www.Candyking.com

Candyking fact – we sell 19 million juicy strawberries every year! Yum yum!

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Chewits Sweets


Chewits is our range of delicious fruity chew sweets that pack a punch on taste but only register 12 calories each! You can find Chewits in all major multiple stores and independent retailers in stick pack format, hanging bags, and multi-packs too, and in a variety of flavours including Chewits Xtreme – Sour Apple and Tutti Fruity flavours! www.chewits.co.uk

Chewits fact – we still make Chewits on the same production machinery that made the first Chewits sweets in the 1950’s!

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The Jelly Bean Factory

The Jelly Bean Factory

The Jelly Bean Factory is the UK’s number 1 brand of Gourmet Jelly Beans available in a variety of different pack formats for both grab-and-go consumption, sharing and for gifting too. With 38 flavours in our assortment our beans pack a powerful punch thanks to the unique way in which they’re made!

Jelly Bean Factory fact –it takes 2 weeks to make a Jelly Bean Factory bean! www.jellybeanfactory.com